Our Customers Love Us!


Elliott and Shane in paint are amazing & excellent! Elliott has a fantastic willingness to assist. Shane can match any paint color you bring in.

Bonnie M. was the epitome of customer service!

Spencer is great at making duplicate keys, I call him the Key Master.

Denise made my day because of her aloha while I waited in line for the next cashier, always smiling.

David M. has helped me several times. He is always cheerful and stops what he is doing to "walk me" to the items I'm asking about.

Noah, Lita, & Russ outstanding service. They went out of their way to help, I don't see this too often at other stores.

Nick gave me excellent advise before on the phone. I returned to the store and I think I can fix the problem due to his help.

Dave Z. was so quick to approach and ask if we needed help and lead me to where I needed to be. He took the time to explain how it worked and was very thorough and polite.

Daniel Y was very helpful and went out of his way to solve my problem. Thanks Daniel!

Steven is funny, friendly, and helped me select the right kind of torch from the various models. It is so important to make me feel comfortable when deciding whether to spend $40 or $20 on a tool I know little about.




 – Free* delivery for all purchases $500 or more
– We deliver to any location on Oahu
*$60 for deliveries less than $500. Forklift charges may apply