Our Customers Love Us!


George did a great job helping me identifying a fastener and finding the exact match for what I needed. Without him I would still be looking for the match!

Special thanks to Wendell - On the late Sunday shift, he gave me expert assistance on two light fixtures. At age 85, my hands are not as mechanically capable as years ago... But your staff is great!

Phil was exceptionally helpful. You did not have what I needed but he improvised with another item. I needed 8.. he suggested was most helpful. He is a genius! Exceptional employee; caring of customers needs!

Terrie helped me with such patience and knowledge. I was impressed beyond measure. A big thank you!

Justice was an amazing help to me on this second occasion! She is amazing, knowledgeable and always a great help!

I went to Lowes and Home Depot. Locating a salesperson was difficult and disappointed as they had no knowledge of a Kohler Tim Kid. Marcus knows exactly what I needed. I will start with City Mill!!

Your sales clerk Kale, I've never seen one so help. He does everything that an exceptional sales clerk can be. ...he returns with so much enthusiasm for his customers.

Customer service provided by Elliott was wonderful. He is my new best friend at City Mill!

Sarah W. was outstanding in her service, saving me time and money. Please thank her and my thanks to you.

I would like to commend your salesperson, Tom for the excellent service and information he gave me - so genuine and caring - he made sure I got the items I needed!