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.03 in. Er70S-6 Weld Wire 2 lb.

SKU: 153275

  • All position copper coated welding wire containing a high level of manganese and silicon to produce welds on dirty or rusty steel
  • High silicon content provides fluidity of the weld puddle providing smoother bead appearance and minimizing post weld grinding
  • Superior wire surface finish for best feed ability and arc performance, increased manganese and silicon provide excellent cleaning action.
  • Butt and fillet welding of carbon steel sheet and plate in industrial, farm, construction and automotive equipment applications.
  • Requires CO2 or Argon/CO2 shielding gas (not included)
  • Easy to read color coded packaging
  • 2 lb.
  • .03 in.
  • The Forney 42291 .030 (ER-7OS-6) Mild Steel MIG welding wire is a high strength mild steel MIG wire. Ideal for auto body repair and fabrication on most ferrous metals. Contains a high level of manganese and silicon for a superior weld, even on rusty, dirty steel. Produces a smooth bead which requires less grinding. Not recommended for aluminum e
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