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Bosch Jig Saw Blade, 0.35 in. W, 5-1/4 in. L, 5/7 TPI, Carbide Cutting Edge, 3


SKU: 235770

Special Price $5.15 Regular Price $25.99
  • Carbide brazing technology delivers 10X life versus standard bi-metal blades in wood with nails and screws
  • Heat-optimized manufacturing designed to resist heat buildup for heavy-duty cuts
  • Progressor Technology increases speed and blade life through a combination of aggressive small teeth and larger teeth
  • Unique tooth geometry helps to boost cutting speed by accentuating saw's pendulum movement
  • Exaggerated tip helps to ensure easy plunge cuts with the jig saw
  • Quality manufacturing features the best materials and quality engineering
  • Industry leader Bosch is the worldwide leader in jig saws
Bosch carbide all-purpose jig saw blades are tough enough to withstand a nail hit and keep going no change-out required. A Bosch-exclusive carbide brazing technology delivers 10X life versus standard bi-metal blades. This all-purpose blade does it all in tough wood with nails and hard materials such as thick gauge metal like stainless steel up to 1/8 in thick. The blade employs Progressor Technology, a combination of aggressive small teeth that work together with larger teeth to increase speed and to provide fast cuts and excellent chip clearance. This is accentuated by the jig saw's pendulum movement. It has an exaggerated tip ensures easy plunge cuts and the speed is further optimized by the jig saw's pendulum movement being accentuated by the blade's tapered-ground back design. A thin blade kerf reduces material extraction, reduces heat and adds to performance.
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