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Sentry KX200 Wired RGB Illuminated Extended Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Kit

Sentry Industries

SKU: 278190

  • Includes keyboard & mouse
  • Dynamic RGB lighting effects
  • Wired high-speed USB cables
  • USB 2.0
  • RGB USB Gaming Keyboard
    • Low-latency response
    • English language QWERTY (standard) keyboard
    • Caps & number lock keys
    • USB compatible cable
    • Built-in wrist rest
    • Metal alloy frame
    • Multi-color LEDs
    • User definable colors
    • Anti-ghosting keys
    • Extended keyboard
    • Rugged 6-ft. long cord
    • Universal PC compatibility
  • RGB USB Gaming Mouse
    • Super bright LED lights
    • Low-latency response
    • Adjustable DPI settings
    • LED backlit scroll wheel
    • Smooth low friction glides
    • Ultra-high customizable DPI
    • Rubberized no-slip finish
    • Rugged 6-ft. long cord
    • Multi-color LED lights
    • USB compatible cable
    • User definable color settings
    • Universal PC compatibility

RGB Backlit Keyboard

Ultra-responsive switches ideal for FPS games where every second counts. Multi-zone RGB colored LED backlighting helps you game under any lighting condition. Wired USB connection keeps you constantly connected to the game. Metal alloy frame and comfortable wrist-rest.

Precision RGB Mouse

Precision tracking 7200 DPI mouse with RGB LED backlighting. The mouse's resolution is adjustable and can be fine-tuned to suit your unique style of game play. Wired USB cable means you'll never get disconnected from the game play.

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