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Cultivate Hawaii Flour Sack Cotton Tea Towel, Ohia Design

Cultivate Hawaii

SKU: 282280

  • Ohia Design
  • Printed on natural flour sack cotton towels
  • Designed and made in Hawaii
  • Each towel comes individually folded and banded
  • Full size: (w) 18" x (h) 31"

These all-natural flour-sack cotton towels are soft, absorbent, and infuse tropical flair to any kitchen or house.

All of our tea towels are made with high quality flour sack cotton and printed with water based inks.

Additionally, all towels are washed and pre-shrunk prior to shipping, allowing the size and shade of each tea towel to vary slightly, and making each towel unique.

Each towel comes folded and banded, including a story relating to the art, per below:

"One of the most beautiful trees in Hawaii, Ohia lehua, is also the most common. From sea level to 7,000 ft, Ohia inhabits nearly all forest types, provides habitat for countless plants and animals and plays a crucial role in capturing rainfall. Legend says the tree originated when a jealous Pele, transformed a man named Ohia into a twisted gnarled tree, leaving his lover Lehua devastated . Out of pity the other gods transformed her into a blossom on the Ohia tree which when picked will cause the lovers tears to fall from the sky as rain."

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