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FIREDISC Ultimate Gripping Weapon - 20 in. Stainless Steel Cooking Tongs with Gravity Lock


SKU: 285380


Made specifically for use on a FIREDISC® Cooker, the Ultimate Gripping Weapon is an over-sized, over-engineered set of tongs featuring ends that are contoured to work beautifully in your FIREDISC® Cooker and make it easy to grip fish fillets or flip venison steaks. The "Ultimate Gripping Weapon" with Gravity Lock Technology™ features all stainless-steel construction with a high-heat, rubber molded grip and an extra-long handle. Don't forget the hanger hook for keeping your "Weapon" handy. The Hanger Hook can also be used as a bottle opener.

  • 20" length
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel
  • Rubber molded high-heat handle at the end of a stainless-steel shaft
  • Gravity Lock Technology: Point up and squeeze to lock. Point down and squeeze to unlock
  • Quick Drain Technology: A series of oval-shaped drain holes on one end that drain grease and oil far faster than typical round drain holes
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty


Every ultimate cook needs the ultimate tools, and this just happens to be the perfect all-in-one tool for the FIREDISC Cooker. Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, the Ultimate Gripping Weapon with Gravity Lock Technology™ gives you the ability to grip, flip and move food with ease. The long stainless-steel handle features high-heat rubber to keep hands away from hot cooking oil and to make it easy to handle. The built-in hook offers a convenient way to hang the tool on the edge of the bowl or on the side handles without transferring heat.  The Hanger Hook can also be used as a bottle opener.

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