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Milwaukee SAWZALL 32-Piece Demolition and Standard Blade Set


SKU: 289490

Special Price $17.95 Regular Price $89.98
  • (4) 6" 14 TPI Metal SAWZALL® Blades
  • (4) 6" 24 TPI Metal SAWZALL® Blades
  • (4) 8" 8/12 TPI Multi-Material SAWZALL® Blades
  • (4) 9" 10 TPI Metal THE TORCH™ SAWZALL® Blades
  • (4) 9" 18 TPI Metal THE TORCH™ SAWZALL® Blades
  • (4) 9" 5 TPI Wood SAWZALL® Blades
  • (4) 9" 5 TPI Wood THE AX™ SAWZALL® Blades
  • (4) 9" 7/11 TPI Multi-Material THE WRECKER™ SAWZALL® Blades

Milwaukee Tool is committed to designing the best Sawzall ® Blades to our users. Our robust line of blades has a complete line up for every application. When looking to cut wood check out the AX™ products from Pruning applications to Nail Embedded Wood. If you’re starting a demolition project and not sure what you’ll come across, THE WRECKER™ is ready to tackle anything. Then finally our, best in class metal cutting blades is The TORCH™ line from from thin metal to Hard Cast Iron.

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