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Deroma 19.3 in. Cassetta SAVE R Planter Box, Anthracite (Gray)

SKU: 293120

Special Price $10.75 Regular Price $17.98
  • Enhance and embellish your garden or the interior of your home with this Save 19” box with water reserve from Deroma
  • This box is resistant to UV rays, it maintains its beautiful color even after a long exposure to the sun, thanks also to its stone effect and its natural appearance
  • Also resistant to frost and low temperatures
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Made of opaque light material: Resin Recyclable products
  • This does not require a saucer as they are equipped with a container with a water reserve (drainage holes)
  • 19.3” L x 6.7” H

The circular economy is about producing goods in a sustainable way by limiting the consumption and waste of resources and the generation of waste. It is about moving from a society that is entirely disposable to a more circular economic model. This is the commitment made by Deroma by using “Recyclat” material from the collection of selective sorting to produce a product with the same level of quality.

Since 1950, man has manufactured 8.9 billion tonnes of plastic. 6.3 billion tonnes have become waste, of which 9% has been recycled and 79% has been dumped in landfills or in nature. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Recyclat products provide concrete ways to reduce the plastic footprint. They are made from post-consumer plastic obtained by collecting plastic packaging thrown away by consumers in selective sorting. Recyclat pots are themselves recyclable.

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