Jalousie windows are very common in Hawaii especially on single walls homes. These windows can provide 100% air flow when opened and can be shut quickly and easily to prevent any rain or wind from getting inside. There are not many parts with these types of windows so repairs are not too difficult. You will simply need to have the right parts and knowledge of the window operator. The first step is to look over your window and figure out which parts are going to need to be replaced and what parts can be repaired. Here are some common problems and repair for jalousie windows.

Repairing Broken Rivets on Lever and Cranks

In some jalousie window the opening mechanism is held in place by a single rivet. Usually after several years of opening and closing. The rivet head breaks off which will cause the window jalousie glass to fail to open. To fix this you will have to drill out the broken rivet and then replace it with a new one. Be careful as you drill out the rivet that you do not damage the hole or make it any larger.

Tools you need:

  1. Drill and Drill Bits
  2. River Gun and Rivets

Step 1

Identify broken or loose hinges. Drill out the broken rivets if necessary. Remove any jalousie glass that may get in the way.

Step 2

Insert rivet in the rivet gun.

Step 3

Insert the rivet through the hole.

Step 4

Squeeze the rivet gun’s handle until you hear a snap. You may need to pull the handle a few times. The needle part of the rivet will break off.

Step 5

The needle part of the rivet will break off. Your project is now complete.