I’ve never thought that inanimate objects could have levels of intelligence. Maybe it’s a lack of sleep or just a fleeting dream, but...I’m beginning to believe that certain objects are smarter than others. To think that a garden pot has an intellect may seem absurd. Then again, at the rate technology has cut into the edges of our lives, I don’t think it’s illogical at all. Let me gladly introduce a bright object by the name of The Smart Pot.

How it all Began

It all began when tree farmer, Ralph Reiger, used fabric to make plant containers. The idea was to find an easier way to harvest trees. By planting them in fabric bags, he thought that a plant’s root structure would be more intact. A few years later, much to this farmer’s surprise, the trees were easier to harvest and the roots were still intact. Furthermore, he discovered that the plants were naturally pruned by being in fabric bags. Those bags are known today as Smart Pots™ - the original brand and name.

Smart Pots

The Smart Pot is an innovative addition to container gardening. This unique receptacle is made of a specially designed fabric. The porous, felt-like material performs many functions. Each design is constructed for a particular plant or method of gardening. For example, Big Bag Bed is specifically tailored for raised bed gardening. For limited space, the Wall Flower can be attached to rails, fences or on gates. Smart Pots are durable, reusable, and weather-resistant. They lay flat until filled with soil then unfold into a cylinder-like shape. These soft containers are eco-friendly and BPA-free and are mostly tan or black in color. Sizes for the Smart Pots are gauged by the gallon, typically starting at five and going up to twenty gallons or more.

Air Pruning

One of the most dynamic functions of the Smart Pot is air pruning. Roots are naturally pruned when plants are grown in these fabric pots. Aeration is maximized by a more relaxed soil environment. Plants grow unrestricted by knots which normally cluster in conventional containers. When roots reach the edges in a Smart Pot, the tips dry out and stop growing due to continuous exposure to air. Small, lateral roots begin to develop instead. The air pruning creates a stronger root structure. With an improved root system, airflow increases, and plants receive more nutrients and moisture. Plants grow healthier and produce greater yields.

Water Drainage

Another significant function of the Smart Pot is drainage. Smart Pots impede root rot caused by over saturation. The fabric material consists of “tiny microscopic pores”, causing water to exit evenly through the bottom and from all sides. The Smart Pot’s permeable design provides a powerful drainage system. If you plan to use these containers indoors, it’s recommended that you place a tray underneath for the water to drain into.

Temperature Control

Furthermore, the temperature is controlled using Smart Pots. The “breathable” fabric disperses heat from all sides of the container. Temperature is regulated, keeping excessive heat away from a plant’s roots. “Smart Pot stays cool” in direct sunlight and year-round, warm weather that surrounds us here in Hawaii.

What to Plant

You can plant “anything with roots” in a Smart Pot. Gardeners generally use these containers to plant edibles such as fruits and vegetables. Treat a Smart Pot like you would any other garden container. These mediums will hold the same types of crops but will provide you with faster production rates. A faster production rate means more crops for you to reap and enjoy.


The Smart Pots are closing the gaps in container gardening. If any object is capable of possessing an intelligence, these cloth pots have the smarts to perform...outperform, perhaps. Thank you Smart Pot for sharing the photos used in this blog. I was excited when these smarties went on sale at a home improvement store in my area.


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