Hurricane season in Hawaii lasts from June to November. El Nino conditions in the Pacific are increasing the possibility of this being an active hurricane season. An El Nino is a weather event associated with a large area of warmer than normal water temperatures along the equator, coupled with other atmospheric factors. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki was the result of an extended El Nino.

Many homeowners are concerned about the possibilities of hurricanes and are seeking do-it-yourself ideas to help secure their homes. There are a few things you can do to protect your home from the elements of a storm. Some of these have to be done when a hurricane is approaching, but you still need to prepare in advance by purchasing supplies and understanding set-up procedures.

Many older homes, in Hawaii were built with single-wall construction with the structural parts toe-nailed together. Toenailing offers some tie down force, but when wind speeds exceed 60 mph, garage roofs can easily be tom off.

H2.5A 18-Gauge Stainless-Steel Hurricane Tie
H2.5A 18-Gauge Stainless-Steel Hurricane Tie

One way you can make your home more wind-resistant is by using hurricane clips. These metal straps, braces and ties are used to fasten various structural parts of the house together. Roof rafters are tied to support post and the posts are tied to the foundation.

Hurricane clips and fasteners can be purchased at City Mill and are rated effective against wind speeds up to 80 mph. Unfortunately, hurricane wind speeds can exceed that number but some protection is better than none at all.

When it comes to protecting the inside of your home, taping glass windows with duct tape offers almost no protection, but it will prevent glass from flying around the room if it breaks. Using plywood to board up windows is a more ·effective alternative. The trick is to have the panels precut and in storage, and to have anchors for the panels is place before a storm comes. Loose objects around the yard can pose serious threats. In strong Wind conditions, a coconut can turn into a cannon ball and fly right through glass windows. To prevent this, trim trees, bring in trashcans and secure outdoor furniture.

By taking, the proper precautions in advance, you may be able to minimize damage to your home and injury to you and your family. Don't get caught off guard. stock-up now and be prepared with these suggested items: