Most Do-It-Yourselfers when painting around their homes use paintbrushes or rollers. They should try using paint pads. A paint pad applies paint quickly, as well as offering several paint advantages not possible with rollers. Rollers because of their circular motion, tend to splatter, especially if rolled too fast. Since pad applicators lay flat on the surface, splattering is avoided.

A second advantage is that a pad can be used in corners. If a ceiling and wall are being painted, separated colors, a roller cannot be used at the point where the two surfaces meet, because the roller will mark the other surfaces.

Paint pads have guide wheels or trim tabs that guarantee a straight line when two separating points meet. These guides also allow for painting around trim and molding without marring the second surface.

A pad holds a great deal of paint and spreads it quickly. For an even faster application, manufacturers offer paint trays, some of which are equipped with a revolving wheel to speed up the loading of the pad.

Pad refills are available for most pad applicators. Although clean-up is relatively easy, some users prefer the disposable feature.

There are also a variety of special paint pads. These include pads for painting in corners, applying stain, rough surfaces and edging.

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