Up until the mid-1970’s, single wall homes were most common in Hawaii construction. You may not be aware that there are significant differences between single wall home and double wall homes.

Sing wall homes are constructed of exterior walls that are built of redwood 1”x8’ tongue and groove planks. These planks are joined up edge to edge vertically in order to construct the wall. Once constructed, these exterior walls become both exterior and interior surface of the home.

The electrical wiring of a single wall home is run on the interior surface of the wall and covered with a wood molding trim.

Single wall construction was popular due to the climate. Since heating  a home is not necessary here and wall insulation is not needed, it became the home of choice.

Many of the newer homes in Hawaii are built like you would find on the mainland. These double wall homes include drywall interior wall with insulation. Also, the electrical wiring is run between the exterior and interior walls.

Single wall home in Hawaii have ceiling made from sugar cane to insulate the heat trapped in the roof. The joints of the cane panels were covered with batten strips.

Also, many single wall homes were not built on concrete slabs but rather elevated above the ground. They were supported by foundation blocks with a termite block and pan to support the4x4 leg post. The windows were usually the jalousie lover type which provided 100% ventilation when fully opened.

Tools you need:

  • Nail Puller
  • Hammer
  • Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Step 1

Remove the top trim.

Step 2

Remove the nails from each board starting from one end to the board being changed.

Step 3

Cut the bottom of the bottom base molding using your Oscillating Tool.

Step 4

Remove boards up to the damaged board.

Step 5

Replace damaged board with a new board.

Step 6

Replace all remaining board.

Step 7

Nail the bottom base molding to the wall.

Step 8

Nail boards back in.

Step 9

Replace top molding with nails.

Step 10

Use putty over nail heads.