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Martin's Concentrate Weed and Grass Killer, 1 pt, Container, Clear, Viscous Solution


SKU: 122215

  • Concentrated for extra value
  • Low odor water-based formulation
  • Rainproof in hours
  • Kills unwanted vegetation - existing weeds only
  • Replant flowers in one-day, new lawns in 7 days after treatment
  • Affective against annual weeds, perennial weeds, trees, vines, shrubs, cattails, water hyacinth, water primrose, duckweed
  • 1 lbs.
  • 11 in. (L) x 8.5 in. (W) x 8 in. (H)
Martin?s Weed and Grass Killer, Series: Eraser, Concentrate, 1 pt Capacity, Container, Composition: 41% Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine, In The Form Of Its Isopropylamine Salt, 59% Other Ingredients, Viscous Solution, Clear, Odorless To a Slight Amine Odor, Application Method: Spray, 4.5 pH, Above 113 Deg C Flash Point, 1.16 g/cm3 Specific Gravity, 43 cS at 20 Deg C, 18 cS at 40 Deg C Viscosity, Mixing Ratio: 2-1/2:1, For Outdoors, Driveway, Around Home, Flowerbeds , Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, Lawn Renovation and Edging
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