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Martin's Eraser A/P Herbicide, 2.5 Gallons


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  • Complete non-selective broad-spectrum post-emergence herbicide for crop and non-crop, industrial, turf and ornamental and farmsteads
  • Affective against annual weeds, perennial weeds, trees, vines, shrubs
  • 25 lbs.
  • 14.25 in. (L) x 10 in. (W) x 15.5 in. (H)
Martin?s Weed and Grass Killer, Series: Eraser A/P, 2.5 gal Capacity, Container, Composition: 41% Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine, In The Form Of Its Isopropylamine Salt, 59% Other Ingredients, Viscous Solution, Clear, Odorless To a Slight Amine Odor, Application Method: Spray, 4.5 pH, Above 113 Deg C Flash Point, 1.16 g/cm3 Specific Gravity, 43 cS at 20 Deg C, 18 cS at 40 Deg C Viscosity, Mixing Ratio: 1-1/3:1, For Pasture Grasses, Forage Legumes, Rangelands, Crops, Roundup Ready, Industrial, Turf, Ornamental, Vegetables and Gardens
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