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Normally Off Screw Terminal Momentary Switch (20 Amp-125 Volt x 10 Amp-277 Volt)


SKU: 131759

  • Size: 20-Amp
  • Material: Steel
  • Used in calculators, telephones, kitchen appliances, and myriad other mechanical & electronic devices both home & commercial
  • Easy to install
  • Included variants come in 1/4amp, 3/4amp, 10amp, 15amp and 20amp capacities
  • Made of high-strength plastic & steel materials
  • Corrosion resistant
  • These screw terminals are normally set to "off" when the door is open and range between 10amp-277V & 20amp-125V capacities
An assortment of screw and quick-connect terminal momentary push switches from The Hillman Group. A push switch describes any type of mechanism that activates a control by depressing a button cover or plunger. Variants included in this assortment come in 1/4amp, 3/4amp, 10amp, 15amp and 20amp capacities. Full assortment contains eight (8) items comprised of Hillman item numbers #393186, #393187, #393189, #393190, #393206, #393237, #393340, and #393342.
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