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PermaBase Cement Backer Board, 60 in. L x 36 in. W

SKU: 140944

  • Lighter weight (up to 25% lighter than conventional cement boards) makes it easier to handle and apply at the jobsite
  • Resists the growth of mold on the board with the highest possible score for mold resistance in independent laboratory tests
  • Highly moisture-resistant and will not rot, disintegrate or swell when exposed to water
  • Can be cut utilizing a standard utility knife and straight edge with little or no additional labor needed to clean the edge after a cut
  • Reinforced edges allow for closer fastener application of nails or screws at the edge without crumbling or spinout
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
  • Approved for use in 1 and 2 hr rated assemblies and is UL classified
  • IBC/IRC compliant - manufactured in accordance with ASTM C 1325
  • Excellent overall flexural, compressive and tensile strength characteristics
  • 0.438 THK

A rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh. It provides a hard, durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. An ideal underlayment for interior applications such as shower and tub enclosures, countertops and floors as well as exterior applications such as stone and/or thin brick.

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