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Testors Amazing Air Airbrush Acrylic Paint Activity Kit


SKU: 282445

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  • The world's easiest airbrush system!
  • Attach your clip cap to a Testors 0.25 oz paint bottle, snap into the airbrush and you are ready to spray
  • Color changes and clean up are just as easy, simply snap out your color and snap in another one
  • The paint and air mix outside of the airbrush so only the clip cap needs to be cleaned
  • Airbrush system contains:
    • Ergonomic A220 airbrush
    • (5) clip caps
    • (5) diptubes
    • Flame stencil
    • Propellant (air) can
    • (5) 0.25 oz. bottles of Testors Acrylic paint in Rad Red, Screamin' Yellow, Blazin' Blue, White, and Black
  • NOTE: The Testors airbrush systems will work with nearly any type of paint or stain; however, some paints may need to be thinned to roughly the consistency of milk before spraying

Testors' snap and spray airbrush system allows anyone to experience the fun and creative power of airbrushing. All kits include a can of airbrush propellant with enough air for several projects.

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