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FoxFarm Don't Bug Me Indoor / Outdoor Home & Garden Insect Spray, 24 oz. Ready-to-Use Spray


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  • Ready to Use - no mixing or measuring
  • Contains pyrethrins, derived from chrysanthemum flowers
  • Kills listed insect pests on contact
  • Can be applied up to day of harvest

Don't Bug Me® Home and Garden Insect Spray may be used indoors or outdoors as a contact spray for flying and crawling pests commonly found in and around the home.

Don't Bug Me® Home and Garden Insect Spray contains Pyrethrum, derived from a Chrysanthemum flower, to give fast and effective kill on contact. Pyrethrum will also "flush" hiding insects, which then allows you to spray them for immediate contact kill.

Garden Tip:

Make the right diagnosis before you spray. Damage can also be caused by diseases or nutritional deficiencies. If you're not sure, take a cutting from a damaged plant, seal it tightly in a plastic bag, and take it to the nursery for identification.

How To Use:


  • Hold nozzle 12 inches from plant.
  • Spray lightly, covering insects on upper and lower leaf surfaces until surfaces are slightly wet.
  • Spray when insects or their damage first appears.
  • May be applied up to and including day of harvest.

Active Ingredients:

Pyrethrins 0.02%, Piperonyl butoxide* 0.20%, Other Ingredients 99.78%, Total 100%

*(butylcarbityl)(6-propylpiperonyl) ether and related compounds.

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