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RESCUE TrapStik Fly Trap

SKU: 293080

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  • Eliminate Flies - Exclusive VisiLure technology lures flies—including biting flies and horse flies—with appealing colors and patterns. Once attracted, they become stuck to the sticky surface and expire.
  • No Odors or Chemicals – Flies like stable flies, black flies, and deer flies are naturally lured to the trap without odors, chemicals, or sprays.
  • Discreet – Unlike sticky, stinky fly ribbons, this TrapStik has no odor and can be discreetly hung outside. Once flies are stuck to it, they blend in with the colorful pattern.
  • Thoughtful Design – Unique glue guards create a barrier around the sticky trap surface to reduce the chances of non-insect catches.

The RESCUE! Non-Toxic TrapStik for Biting Flies catches flies that feed on blood, such as horse flies, stable flies, black flies and deer flies. It also catches common filth and nuisance flies. It uses VisiLure technology to lure insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Biting flies are attracted by the colors and patterns, then they get trapped on the sticky surface and eventually expire. Great for anywhere there's a biting fly problem, such as patios, water features, barns, stables or dog runs.

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