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Viatek WeedErase Chemical-Free Weed Killer


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  • LED bulb damages and kills weeds at the root
  • Stresses leaves, root crown, and root when energy end is directly placed on weed
  • Smoke coming from plant is a good indicator it has been fully exposed to the light
  • Reduces use of harmful or dangerous chemicals with this environmentally friendly way of killing weeds
  • Precision light emissions allow user to target weeds without harming nearby plants or flowers
  • 3 To 9 seconds of use kills weeds in 5 to 10 days
  • Longer exposure times are recommended
  • Use in late fall or early spring when evening temps are less than 50°F, or in damp conditions, requires double the exposure time
  • Works best on grasses and sedges
  • Also controls dandelions and thistles
  • Retreat if regrowth is noticed
  • Most effective when weeds are actively growing
  • Especially midday
  • Auto-turnoff after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • 3-prong, grounded short cord attaches to user-supplied outdoor extension cord


WeedErase is a safe, environmentally friendly way to get rid of pesky weeds - CHEMICAL FREE. Using a patented blend of spectrums of light to zap weeds (and only weeds). Simply point the light at any weed and zap. Kills weeds in as little as 10-days without the use of harmful or dangerous chemicals. WeedErase kills weeds at the root and will not kill surrounding grass or plants. WeedErase is independently laboratory tested for years to proven results.

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