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Hydrated Lime for Lawns / Gardens / Potted Plants, 5 lbs.


SKU: 121970

  • Hydrated Lime quickly raises soil pH. Adjusting the soil to the proper pH helps plants to grow & strengthen by making it easier for plant roots to take up nutrients in the soil.
  • Hydrated Lime helps neutralize soil acidity and "sweetens" the soil. Do not mix with fertilizer before use.
  • Hydrated Lime is designed for use on lawns, gardens, & potted plants.
  • For gardens, work in Hydrated Lime around each plant & water normally.
  • For potted plants, mix one tablespoon of Hydrated Lime in one gallon of water & apply as you would normally water.
  • 10 lbs.

Quickly raises soil pH, neutralizes soil acidity and provides Calcium. Improves soil structure.

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