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Festive Faucets Decorative Outdoor Faucet Handle with Universal Adapter, Small Plumeria Flower


SKU: 286850

Special Price $4.95 Regular Price $24.98
  • Festive Faucets Decorative Outdoor Garden Faucet Handle with Universal Adapter.
  • Universal Adapter fits all outdoor faucets up to 3/8" stem/broach.*
  • EASY TO INSTALL. No plumbing needed.
  • Brushed brass
  • Includes Universal Adapter that fits most faucets, 3 set screws, Hex Wrench and directions for attaching handle to faucet. Faucet NOT included.
  • *Some Frost Free spigots with a collar around the stem may not fit. Faucet/Spigot not included.
  • 2" W x 1.25" H (height measured with adapter)

Super easy installation

Simply and easily replace your old outdoor faucet handle with a beautiful new Festive Faucet! Festive Faucets' Decorative Outdoor Garden Faucet Handles include a Universal Adapter that fits all outdoor faucets up to 3/8" broach. Easy to install and no plumbing needed. Festive Faucets make a great gift! Faucet/Spigot not included.

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