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12 in. Standard Series Rectangular Valve Box

SKU: 530256

  • Valve box houses landscape valves
  • Overlapping cover helps protect the box from dirt and grass
  • Tapered
  • Minimum wall thickness of .2 in.
  • The body has a double wall at the top cover area with a minimum thickness of .25 in.
  • The cover seat area has 16 structural support ribs on the underside of the seat, each with a minimum thickness of .25 in.
  • The bottom of the body has a .5 in. flange
  • The cover has an average thickness of .25 in.
  • Injection molded of structural foam polyolefin material
  • 10-12 melt index
  • Coloring and UV stabilizers are added, along with processing lubricants when needed
  • Includes a brass insert to easily add a bolt
  • 12 in.
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