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Danco 3.32 in. x 7.23 in. Black Disposal Genie II Garbage Disposal Strainer & Stopper


SKU: 205615

Special Price $9.55 Regular Price $11.99
  • Designed to fit most kitchen sink garbage disposal openings
  • Turning the strainer clockwise stops the water for soaking dishes
  • Disposal can run freely with Disposal Genie in place
  • Includes: a rubber scraper for cleaning dishes & cutting boards
  • Made of tough, durable dishwasher safe plastic
  • Black
  • 3.32" X 7.23"
  • Introducing the Disposal Genie® II! Your favorite Disposal Genie® is now a strainer and a stopper. By simply turning the strainer clockwise, you can now fill your kitchen sink with water and this allows you to soak your dishes. With another counterclockwise turn, the Disposal Genie® II becomes a strainer by allowing water and particles to flow freely down the drain and preventing other valuables from slipping down the drain. The Disposal Genie® II has a new sleek, modern design.
  • 0.21 lbs.
  • 3.32 in. (L) x 3.32 in. (W) x 7.23 in. (H)
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