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Simple Drain Double Basin Rubber Threaded All-in-One Sink Drain Kit

SKU: 291720

  • Installs in minutes with just scissors
  • Easy-to-disinfect antimicrobial rubber
  • Works with all single basin sinks
  • Fits 1.5" threaded drain connections (for 1.25" threaded drain connections, a separate 1.25" reducing adapter is needed, but not included)
  • Self-plunging, no chemicals, no mess
  • Continuous pipe means fewer leak points
  • Quick and easy to install with just a pair of scissors
  • Antimicrobial rubber is flexible and ADA-compliant
  • Entire system from sink to waste can be disinfected
  • Creates a self-gasketing seal and fewer leak points
  • Drain kit includes:
    • (2) 24" rubber tubes, solid EPDM rubber
    • (1) TEE with dishwasher port
    • (1) Trap loop, to create proper trap shape using included depth tab
    • (3) 1.5" threaded fittings (6 half pieces)
    • (4) Stainless steel hand-tighten clamps
    • (1) clip


Why Simple Drain?

Innovative, self-plunging sink drain solution that installs in minutes.

With its patented flexible, durable rubber hose design, Simple Drain offers headache free installations for virtually every single and twin-bowl application. Pipe clean-out is a breeze, and clogs are a thing of the past thanks to the innovative "self- purging" feature. No plunger or chemicals required!

For installation, tools are not required – just scissors to cut the hose to the desired length. The product screws into a water-tight fitting for the waste-water wall connection and uses a clamp with thumb screw to connect to the tail pipe coming from the drain. The P-trap is easily formed with a loop that slides on the rubber hose.

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