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Makita Impact XPS 45-Piece Impact Bit Set


SKU: 266805

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  • Bits last up to 90X longer than standard impact bits
  • Bits feature precision machined tips, pulse torsion rings, an optimized torsion zone, and unique steel, combine to deliver improved overall performance and bit life
  • Precision machined tips provide a superior full contact fit for improved holding power and longer life
  • Pulse Torsion Rings help to disperse impact energy through the torsion zone and off of the bit tip
  • Optimized Torsion Zone geometry facilitates an ideal transfer of impact energy for improved bit life
  • Unique steel composition is masterfully engineered for extended life compared to S2 and S6 alloys
  • Uniquely calibrated heat treating process for added durability
  • Matte Nickel surface for best in class corrosion resistance
  • 12 sided bit collar for use with the Impact XPS® Mag Boost sleeve for added holding power
  • Engineered to withstand the extreme power of high-torque impact drivers and to last longer than standard impact bits
  • For use with high torque impact drivers and driver-drills
  • Magnetic Nutsetter features a lobular design that drives along flats to reduce rounding of hex fasteners
  • Insert Bit Holder features a two-piece design engineered to allow the torsion technology to fully activate
  • Socket Adapter features chamfered edges of square drive end allow easy installation socket
  • Includes (2) 1-3/4" Magnetic Nutsetters, (1) 2-3/8" Insert Bit Holder, (31) 1" Insert Bits, (10) 2" Power Bits, (1) 1/4" Socket Adapter
  • Bit Fitment : Mix
  • Shank Type : 1/4" Hex

Impact XPS® is Makita's premier line of bits and fastening accessories. Impact XPS® Bits are expertly engineered to withstand the hardest hitting impact drivers, drills and screwdrivers. The Impact XPS® Insert and Power Bits are designed with superior fitment, torsion zone technology and a unique steel composition for up to 90-times longer performance life than standard bits. The line also includes insert bit holders, magnetic nutsetters, sockets, and socket adapters for a full range of fastening applications.

PERFORMANCE : Designed exclusively for High-Torque Impact Drivers

DURABILITY : Bits last up to 90X longer than standard impact bits

DESIGN : Magnetic Nutsetters feature a lobular design to reduce rounding of hex fasteners

INNOVATION : Insert Bit Holder features a two-piece design; Socket Adapter features chamfered edges


  • (2) 1-3/4" Magnetic Nutsetters
  • (1) 2-3/8" Insert Bit Holder
  • (31) 1" Insert Bits
  • (10) 2" Power Bits
  • (1) 1/4" Socket Adapter

Makita® Impact XPS® is new innovation in fastening with insert bits and fastening accessories built for the demands of the professional contractor. The ImpactXPS Power Bits are designed exclusively for use with high-torque impact drivers, and are engineered to last up to 90-times longer than standard bits. High-strength steel delivers longer bit life, and the precision-fit tip is engineered to prevent "cam-out" and stripping. The torsion section of the bit flexes under load to take pressure off of the bit tip for increased durability. The high quality steel construction is engineered for increased durability and features a matte nickel surface for best in class corrosion resistance. ImpactXPS Power Bits are ideal for the most demanding jobs including deck building, framing, installing plywood subfloor, and more.

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