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Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer With Extended Control, 1.33 gal, Light-Yellow To Brown, Liquid


SKU: 122380

  • A non-selective herbicide that will kill any vegetation contacted and will prevent re-growth for up-to 3 months
  • It enters plants through the leaves and moves down to-the roots
  • Will ensure that the entire plant is eliminated
  • Avoid direct spray or drift onto desirable plants, lawn grasses, shrubs and trees
  • Protect desirable plants and vegetation with a piece of plastic or cardboard, If desirable plants are accidentally sprayed, wash plants with water immediately
  • Visible results as fast as 3 hours
  • Rainfast in 15 minutes
  • Ready to use
  • 12.26 lbs.
  • 16 in. (L) x 12 in. (W) x 13.31 in. (H)
Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer, 1.33 gal Capacity, Composition: 0.12% Diquat Dibromide, 0.06% Fluazifop-P-Butyl, 0.04% Dicamba*, Dimethylamine Salt, 0.10% Oxyfluorfen, 99.68% Other Ingredients, Liquid, Light-Yellow To Brown, Solvent (Slight) Odor, Application Method: Spray, 5 - 6 pH, >200 Deg F Flash Point, 1.03 Specific Gravity, Contact and Systemic, Used on Driveways and Walkways or Around Fences, Trees, Flowerbeds , Shrubs and Other Areas in Your Yard
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