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1000 Hour Wafer Head Phillips Self Drilling Screws #10-24 x 1-7/16 in., 30 Pieces


SKU: 166159

  • Diam/Gauge: #10
  • Length: 1-7/16 in.
  • Size: #10-24 x 1-7/16 in.
  • Material: Steel
  • Use in wood, fiberglass, and metal
  • Coarse threads and self-drilling point eliminate need for a pilot hole
  • Phillips drive for centering upon installation
  • 1000 Hour Silver Ceramic finish for superior corrosion protection
This self-drilling screw is used in wood, fiberglass, and metal, and it possess a drill point enabling it to drill its own hole in thin gauge steel. The sharp threads create their own mating thread when drilled into the material. No pre-drilled pilot holes are necessary.
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