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TruFuel Pre-Mixed Fuel, 110 oz, Can, Green, Liquid

SKU: 185470

  • TRUFUEL pre-mixed 40:1 ethanol-free fuel, ready to use premixed fuel and oil
  • Specifically for portable gas-powered equipment, convenient, easy pour, saves time and delivers superior performance
  • Extends equipment life and ensures proper break in for new equipment, prevents rubber and plastic part breakdown
  • Easier start-up trigger response and smoother idling with no smoke or plug fouling
  • 93 plus octane, ethanol-free formula provides easier engine starting and smoother idling
  • Highly portable, easy to store 110 oz. steel container eliminates the hassle and mess of mixing yourself
  • Ethanol-free formula eliminates risk of engine seizure or costly repairs due to ethanol related moisture attraction and phase separation, commonly found in station gasoline
  • 6.5125 lbs.
  • 13.62 in. (L) x 8.69 in. (W) x 10.62 in. (H)
TruFuel Pre-Mixed Fuel, 110 oz Capacity, Can, <1 SUS at 100 Deg F Viscosity, Liquid, Composition: Octane, Pentane, p-Xylene, Toluene, Heptane, Butane, Isopentane, Distillates (Petroleum), solvent-refined Heavy Paraffinic, Additives, Green, Petroleum Odor/Scent, -45 Deg F Flash Point, Mixing Ratio: 40:1, For Portable 2-Cycle Gas Powered Equipment
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