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Sheetrock Brand Plus 3 Premixed Lightweight Drywall Joint Compound, 3.5 Gallons


SKU: 159175

  • Weighs up to 25% less than conventional compounds
  • Needs one fewer coat over fasteners and bead
  • Eliminates need for taping and topping compounds
  • Sands with the ease of a topping compound
  • Premixed for ease of use
  • Covers approximately 390 sq. ft. per 3.5 gallon carton
  • 35.5 lbs.
  • 10 in. (L) x 10 in. (W) x 10 in. (H)

This all-purpose compound weighs up to 25% less than conventional-weight compounds so handling and applying are simpler, easier and faster. Sheetrock® Brand Plus 3® Joint Compound, offers all the benefits of conventional-weight compound but results in less shrinkage and is easy to sand. Use Sheetrock® Brand Plus 3® Joint Compound for embedding paper joint tape and finishing gypsum panel joints or simple hand-applied texturing.

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Can fiberglass tape be set with drying-type compounds?

No. When using fiberglass tape, only setting-type joint compounds like Sheetrock® Brand Durabond® and Sheetrock® Brand Easy Sand™ should be used for the first coat over the tape. Ready-mixed drying-type compounds can be used for subsequent finishing coats.

What is the best way to store ready-mix compound for another use?

Clean sides and lid of container so no dried compound falls into the mixture. Level joint compound surface with a knife and cover container tightly. If storing, cover leveled surface of joint compound with approximately 1/2" of clean water and cover container tightly. Pour off water before reusing joint compound. Do not store in direct sunlight and protect from extreme heat and cold. The shelf life of an unopened container is up to nine months under proper storage conditions.

Can ready-mixed joint compound be used on exterior applications?

No. Sheetrock® Brand Setting-Type Joint Compounds (Durabond® and Easy Sand™) are recommended to treat joints in exterior gypsum ceiling board.

Should I wait for the taping coat to dry before applying the next coat?

Yes. Each coat must be completely dry before applying the next.

Why do stains appear when retexturing a wall or ceiling?

Over time stains settle into a wall or ceiling. When that area is retextured the stains photograph through causing a yellowing or browning effect. The best way to prevent staining is to apply a stain blocker, primer, and sealer.

What is the difference between All Purpose and Plus 3™ joint compounds?

Sheetrock® Brand Plus 3™ Lightweight All-Purpose Joint Compound weighs about 30% less than Sheetrock® Brand All-Purpose Joint Compound. It is also easier to sand and shrinks less.

How long does it take joint compound to dry?

Under conditions of a temperature of 70° and 70% humidity, joint compound should dry in about 24 hours. Higher humidity and/or lower temperatures will slow drying time.

Can I use two different joint compounds on the same joint? Can I mix two joint compounds together to save time?

Yes, different joint compounds can be used over each other.

No, different joint compounds should never be mixed with each other.

What is the fire rating of joint compound?

Joint compound does not have a fire rating by itself, but does meet ASTM C475. When fire testing a wall the fire rating is not for individual products, but for all the system components together. USG Joint Compounds are used in numerous fire-tested assemblies.

What is the cause of blistering joints?

Blistering joints are the result of not having enough joint compound under the tape. The best way to repair blistering joints is to open up the blistered area by slitting the tape. Fill the cut with joint compound and press tape back in place with knife blade.

Can joint compound be used as an adhesive for multi-layer application?

Yes. Sheetrock® Brand Durabond® Sheetrock® Brand Easy Sand™, Sheetrock® Brand All Purpose, and Sheetrock® Brand Joint Taping Compounds provide the best performance bonding gypsum panels.

Can additives be mixed into joint compound?

There are various products in the market which, when mixed with joint compounds, claim to improve various performance attributes of joint compounds.

USG does not endorse the use of additives in USG joint compounds for the following reasons:

  • An additive can adversely affect the unique balance of the many performance attributes each joint compound has been formulated to provide.
  • It is virtually impossible for an additive manufacturer to know if their additive is compatible at all times with all of USG's product formulations.
  • USG has no control over the manufacture and quality of additives manufactured by others.

Note - For taping and finishing joints, water can be added as necessary. USG recommends adding water in increments of a half-pint to avoid over thinning.

What is the biggest gap between joints that can be filled with joint compound?

The maximum gap should not exceed 1/8 of an inch.