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Quick Dam Self Activating Flood Barrier, 10 ft. Length

Quick Dam

SKU: 207725

  • Best Flood Barrier Protection
  • Self activating Flood Barriers - just get them wet
  • No need for sand or labor filling product
  • Absorb 4 gallons, 8 gallons & 13.5 gallons of water (Depending on length)
  • Grows to full size of 3.5in high in 10 minutes
  • Contains a super absorbent powder that swells and gels water
  • Swelled barriers contain, control, and divert flood water
  • Built in wedge helps prevent from rolling
  • Stack multiple barriers in pyramid formation to increase wall height
  • Leave in place for ongoing protection and use
  • Safe, non-hazardous, & non-toxic
  • Enviromentally friendly and decomposes over time
  • Not for use with salt water- a chemical reaction causes deflation
Product features

Barrier can be applied in many different situations.


Self activating flood barrier. No need for sand or the labor in filling sandbags. Simply expose the barrier to fresh water.

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