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Orbit EasySet 6-Station Sprinkler Timer with Swing Door Cover


SKU: 229630

  • Orbit 6-station outdoor swing panel sprinkler system time can be mounted either indoor or outdoor
  • This sprinkler system timer has easy-set programming logic
  • Includes 3 programs for flexible scheduling, and can program up to 6 separate zones in your yard
  • Comes with a large LCD screen and dial
  • Saves water in drought conditions

The Orbit Easy-Set Logic Sprinkler Timer takes the guesswork out of watering by helping you set a customized watering schedule for your lawn. It comes in a weatherproof cabinet, with internal transformer, for easy indoor or outdoor plug-and-go installation with hassle-free programming.

What is Easy Set?

Easy Set is the easiest way to program your timer. Devised by our decades of experience and customer feedback, Easy-Set follows a logical process that takes you through all the steps of programming.

It’s designed to be easily programmed by experienced professionals and homeowners alike. It’s designed to be a long lasting, dependable and manageable in any situation. In short, it's designed to make sprinkler system installation and operation that much simpler.

Stop manually watering your yards. Quit struggling with the initial set up of your timer. Stop dealing with that timer that you have to constantly reprogram. Go with Orbit Easy Set Logic Timers, and save yourself time and money while your lawn looks green and lush.

Hassle-Free Timer Programming

Orbit Easy Set Logic timers are the perfect fit for your outdoor irrigation needs. With a full range of features, our timers stand out as the industry leader in durability, simplicity and functionality.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

With four start times per zone and a total of three programs, you can customize and tailor your watering schedule, perfectly conserving water and saving money in the process.

Easy Installation

Mounting is simple: just a few twists of a screw driver and you're set. The extra-long cord plugs into any standard 110-120 volt AC outlet and the device has surge protection at the transformer and zone level, protecting it in all directions.

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