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Swiss+Tech Stainless Steel No-Contact Keychain Multi Tool


SKU: 254715

  • Accomplish multiple tasks without touching the surfaces with your own hands
  • Single non-contact touch point
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Carry conveniently in your pocket or on a key ring
  • Box cutter tip to open packages
  • Solid 400 series stainless steel construction (magnetic)
  • 2 in. x 4 in.

Concerned about touching a surface that someone else has touched or germs in general? Get the Non-Contact multi-tool now and put those fears to rest. Slip your finger into the finger access hole to use this Non-contact tool. With this 1 multi-tool there are 6 tools. There is a touch point to depress keys on the ATM, gas pump or checkout line for grocery stores. Open a package that has been delivered with the box cutter function tip. You can now open a door without touching any part of it with the hook portion of the non-contact tool. Now you can even carry multiple grocery bags with the same hook feature, or even push your shopping cart rather than having to touch it. All these everyday tasks can be completed with this convenient tool. Carry this lightweight and compact tool in your pocket, or add it to a key chain. Keep your hands clean and germ free with a non-contact tool.

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