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COAST XP11R 2100 Lumen Dual Power LED Flashlight with USB Rechargeable Battery


SKU: 265580

  • BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR - Know when to power back up—with a battery-life indicator, you can always know when your battery needs to be recharged.
  • BUILT-IN USB-C PORT - With a built-in USB-C port your battery can be charged both inside or outside your COAST light using a USB-C cord.
  • DUST RESISTANT - Take on any dirty work environment with this dust resistant light.
  • PRO-TEK CHARGING - Charge directly from AC, DC, and USB. Flashlights and headlamps with COAST Pro-Tek Charging include a direct-connect port for powering back up.
  • PURE-BEAM FOCUSING OPTIC - Pack two powerful beams into one and seamlessly transition—with no halos or hot spots—between short and long-range viewing. COAST's patented focusing technology adapts to your need. The Ultra View Flood beam delivers edge-to-edge clarity in a broad circle, and the Bulls-Eye Spot beam sends a sharp ray of light at a distance with a transitional halo around the spot to increase the effective viewing area.
  • RECHARGEABLE DUAL POWER - Each COAST Rechargeable-Dual Power product comes with a ported ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery or a non-ported ZITHION™ rechargeable battery and is compatible with either COAST Extreme Performance alkaline batteries or other brand-name battery types, depending on the product. This provides you the cost savings of using rechargeable and the flexibility of reverting to alkaline.
  • SLIDE FOCUS - One-handed beam control. COAST's Slide Focus system enables you to seamlessly transition between spot and flood beam with the push or pull your finger. Responsive beam-shape control allows you to operate your light with a single hand and keep the other hand free.
  • TURBO MODE - The XP lights not only features standard light modes but also COAST's signature Turbo Mode for overpowered light in critical situations.
  • BATTERY TYPE: ZX1000 Zithion-X Rechargeable Battery or 3 x AAA (Not Included)
  • BEAM DISTANCE (HIGH) : 508 ft / 155 m
  • BEAM DISTANCE (LOW) : 137 ft / 42 m
  • BEAM DISTANCE (MEDIUM) : 288 ft / 88 m
  • BEAM DISTANCE (TURBO) : 721 ft / 220 m
  • DIAMETER (BEZEL) : 37.60 mm / 1.48 inches
  • DIAMETER (BODY) : 31.80 mm / 1.25 inches
  • INCLUDED: ZX1000 Zithion-X Rechargeable Battery | One Meter USB-C Split Charging Cable | Alkaline Battery Cartridge (Alkaline Batteries Not Included)
  • LENGTH152 mm / 5.98 inches
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (HIGH) : 1000 Lumens
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (LOW) : 75 Lumens
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (MEDIUM) : 330 Lumens
  • LIGHT OUTPUT (TURBO) : 2100 Lumens
  • RUNTIME (HIGH) : 5 h
  • RUNTIME (LOW) : 37 h
  • RUNTIME (MEDIUM) : 7 h 15 min
  • WEIGHT: 5.7 oz / 162 g

Always ready, always bright. The COAST XP11R flashlight delivers brightest-in-class light and four-mode, multi-beam capability powered by a COAST ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery. This workhorse features a real-time power indicator plus patented slide-focusing optical technology that shines clean flood light and piercing spotlight with seamless transitions between. Carry ultra-bright light wherever you go. The COAST XP11R is a RECHARGEABLE DUAL POWER product that provides the user the convenience and cost savings of COAST’s ZITHION-X™ rechargeable power source but can also operate on 3 X AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately) so you are never without your light. Remove the rechargeable battery to plug in or charge it up with the battery still inside thanks to the integrated ProTek™ charging port and battery charging indicator. The XP11R flashlight not only features a medium, high, and low output modes but also COAST’s signature Turbo Mode for overpowered light in critical situations. Brightest in class, this weather-proof, and dust-resistant flashlight is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum to fit a square in the palm for single-hand operation in the field. High-textured handle styling ensures a solid grip and increases comfort in the hand. A slide-focusing patented optic puts flood-to-spot beam-shaping capability right at your fingertips, plus the option to use the Beam Lock to set your beam just how you need it. 

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