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30 Seconds 1Q30S Biodegradable Outdoor Cleaner, 1 gal, Bottle, Light Yellow, Liquid

SKU: 158325

  • Outdoor cleaner concentrate size gallon safe to use around your lawn, plants and pets
  • Uniquely formulated and designed to penetrate and deep clean stains from algae, mold and mildew, restoring that clean new appearance you once had
  • Works on a variety of different surfaces like wood decks, concrete sidewalks, asphalt driveways, brick walls, most canvas awnings, composite, vinyl siding and plastic outdoor furniture
  • Works quickly to clean grungy and slippery surfaces just spray on and hose off. No need for pressure washing
  • Cleans up to 200 sq-ft per gal on porous surface and up to 600 sq-ft per gal on non-porous surface
  • Extended coverage 600 - 1800 sq-ft
  • Cleans algae, moss, mold and mildew growth and the spores that cause re-growth within 30 sec
  • Cleans wood, paint, concrete masonry, metal, cloth and plastic
  • Cleans 200 sq-ft on porous surfaces and up to 600 sq-ft on non-porous surfaces
  • Fast acting, will not stain concrete non-corrosive to metals when used as directed
  • 2.5 lbs.
  • 10 in. (L) x 13.5 in. (W) x 13 in. (H)
30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner, Biodegradable, 1 Gal Capacity, Bottle, Liquid, Light Yellow, Composition: Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), Inert Ingredients, For Cleaning Stain From Algae, Mold and Mildew and Exterior Use
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