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Combat MAX Ant Killer Bait, 6 Stations


SKU: 552011

  • Starts killing overnight!
  • Kills ants 24/7 for up to 3 months
  • Worker ants return to the colony and feed the bait to the queen, destroying the entire colony
  • Contains an effective insecticide, Fipronil, which gets rid of ants commonly found in households
  • No vapor, fumes or odor
  • Child-resistant bait stations
  • Kills the following ant types: Fire, Argentine, Cornfield, Little Black, Odorous House, and Pavement Ant
  • Active Ingredient: Fipronil

How it Works

  1. Ants enter station and eat the bait.
  2. Ants take bait back to the nest.
  3. Ants pass the bait on to kill the queen and destroy the colony.

How to Use

These easy-to-use, child-resistant, no-mess baits need no activation.

Simply place them down and they will kill ants outdoors before they come indoors.

Use in areas like under sinks, behind toilets, and behind appliances.

  1. Break baits apart from plastic frame. Do not remove or puncture label on bait stations. Use all bait stations at the same time for thorough control.
  2. Place each bait station by any trails or close to areas where ants are numerous. See diagrams on package for places ants commonly hide.
  3. For indoor use, place baits in cabinets, next to food and dishes, or anywhere your ant problem occurs. For outdoor use, place bait stations near cracks and crevices, along sills, or anywhere ants may gain entry.
  4. Increased ant activity may be seen near the bait stations for short periods, but you can expect to see less activity within one week. For best results, do not interfere with the ants or the bait stations during its use because ants must carry bait back to the colony to kill the queen and the other ants.
  5. Replace all bait stations after three months of use to keep ants from reappearing, or for continuous control of ants, replace all bait stations after 6 weeks of use.

For Indoor Use:

  • Place Combat® baits in cabinets, next to food and dishes, or anywhere your ant problem occurs.

For Outdoor Use:

  • For general control of ants outdoors and to prevent them from coming indoors, place a bait station every 15-20 feet around the perimeter of your home.
  • Place additional bait stations near cracks or crevices, along sills, or anywhere ants may gain entry indoors.
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