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8 oz. Duster Moisture-Free Dust and Lint Remover

SKU: 570311

  • Duster air spray
  • Plastic safe, non-flammable, cleans without wetting surface
  • Provides a powerful blast that removes dirt, dust and light debris from any surface
  • Provides a powerful blast of product to remove embedded debris without damaging sensitive components or surface finishes. Reaches areas where normal hand dusting cannot.
  • Quick maintenance product requiring no dry time
  • Excellent for removing debris from cracks and joint on non-moveable equipmentApplications:Circuit breakers, computer components, contacts, electronics, lab equipment, light sockets, locks, office equipment, PC boards, PCs, photographic equipment, radios, PCV Valve, sensors, smoke detectors, stereos, switches, telephones, televisions, VCRs
  • 8 oz
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