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Black Gold 8 Quart Cactus Mix 0.07-0.0-0.0

Sun Gro

SKU: 601185

  • 8 quart bag
  • 0.07-0.0-0.0
  • An ideal rapid draining growing mix for succulent plants
  • Its balanced blend of bark, compost, worm castings and perlite or pumice or cinders encourages vigorous growth while ensuring ample aeration and drainage that most cacti, bromeliads and succulents require to thrive
  • For planting indoor or outdoor succulent containers, or amending rock gardens
  • Ingredients: Bark, compost, earthworm castings and perlite or pumice or cinders

Drainage: high

Particle size: coarse

Water retention: low



  • Indoor Containers
  • Houseplants
  • Outdoor Containers

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