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Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Refill, 34 Oz.


SKU: 146385

  • Soap refill pouches are an easier, more efficient way to buy soap
  • Why buy disposable pumps when you could buy a nicer pump and refill it with the easy-to-pour, resealable pouches
  • Very eco-friendly and economical
  • The perfect consistency for sensor pumps -- no clogs or drips; dispenses the correct amount quickly and consistently
  • Sensible ingredients and nothing more -- the new formula is biodegradable, hypoallergenic and contains no parabens or DEAs (Diethanolamine)
  • Throwing away disposable plastic pumps over and over is hard on the environment -- and your wallet; the resealable soap pouches are a smarter way to buy soap

Keep up the eco-friendly good work by refilling your pumps with these biodegradable and hypoallergenic soaps in easy pour, re-sealable pouches. Once you go pump, you never go back -- to bottles, that is!

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