A basic tool kit is a necessity for every homeowner. You’ll be glad to have the right tool handy when those inevitable repair projects come along. Every do-it-yourselfer should own at least 18 hand tools including:

Hammers- with wooden, steel or fiberglass handles. They should have ripping or claw-type heads and weigh at least 16-ounces.

Needle-Nose Pliers – these usually have built-in wire cutters and are handy for electrical repair work.

Putty Knife – a two-inch width is a popular size for general home use.

Carpenters Level – at least 18-inches in length.

Pocket Plane – for shaving wood from boards.

Pipe Wrench – eight or ten-inch sizes are good for basic plumbing repairs.

Screwdrivers – several sizes: Phillips head (number one and number two) and flat head (number six-eight screws and ten-twelve screws).

Adjustable Wrenches – also known as crescent wrenches, these come in six-inch, eight-inch, ten-inch or twelve-inch lengths.

Safety Goggles or Glasses.

Set of Wood Chisels – for making cuts, notches and installing doorknobs.

Staple Gun – medium to heavy-duty versions are better. Should be able to use 3/8 or 1/2 inch staples.

File – for sharpening blades and tools.

Locking Pliers – commonly known as vise grips, these work like a clamp.

Retractable Tape Measures – these come in several sizes with the most popular being 25-feet with one-inch blade. Utility knife – usually has retractable blades and a handle for extra blade storage. Great for cutting carpet.

Electrical Power Drill or Cordless Drill with a Drill Bit Set.

Hack Saw - eight to ten points per inch for general cutting.

Plunger – a necessity for clogged drains.

Set of Hex Key Wrenches – also known as Allen wrenches.

All these tools are available at City Mill. When buying tools, look for brand name products that offer durability at prices you can afford. You can depend on hand tools made by Stanley, Cooper, Arrow and Crescent. Dependable power tool brands include Black & Decker, Delta, DeWalt, Makita, Porter-Cable, Ryobi and Skil.

Finally, your need a container in which to store your tools. Plastic or metal toolboxes are available in several sizes.