A deadbolt Lock is operated by a key on the outside and a thumb lever on the inside. A deadbolt which is key operated on both sides is the best kind to buy. With a lock like this an intrud­er could not unlock the door even if he had entered your home through the window.

There are five basic steps to installing a deadbolt:

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Step 1: Using the Template

Position the supplied template so that the marked center of the dead lock hole outline is at least four inches above the center of your doorknob. Punch holes at the center of the bolt and cylinder hole outlines.

Step 2: Drilling Holes for the Lock

While wearing safety glasses. cut the cylinder hole using an electric drill fit­ted with a hole saw. When you have drilled half way through the door, stop and continue on the other side of the door. This will prevent the splintering of the veneer surface of the door. Now with a one-inch spade bit, drill the edge into the cylinder hole.

Step 3: Installing the Bolt Assembly

Slide the bolt assembly into the hole. position the face plate and score a line along each edge of it with a utility knife. Use a wood chisel to cut a mortise equal in depth to the thickness of the lace plate within the scored lines. Using screws supplied, screw bolt assembly into place.

Step 4: Installing the Cylinder Assembly

Fit the cylinder assembly into place from the door exterior, sliding the drive bar into the drive bar hole in the bolt assembly. Work the door from the interior to position the retaining plate. Tightly insert a retaining screw into each hole.

Step 5: Position the Strike Plate

Apply lipstick to the end of the holt, then close the door. Extend the bolt into the jam. retract it and open the door. Center the opening of the strike plate on the lipstick mark left on the doorjamb.