With Hawaii's rainy season almost here, many homeowners are getting ready to install new rain gutters. There are six basic steps involved in gutter installations:

  1. Starting at the 'high-end' of the gutter run, draw a chalk line or tack a string to the fascia board 3/4" below the shingles. Extend the string to the low end', where the downspout will be placed. Gutters should slope to the downspout one inch for every forty feet.
  2. Install the first joiner ten feet away from the highest point, which may be an end cap, a joiner, or a corner, depending on the gutter plan you're using.
  3. From the first joiner, measure and mark 30 one-inch positions on the fascia board to install support hooks. Position the hole of the hooks right on the string line. You can now screw the hooks onto the fascia board at the end of the gutter run, using a hook immediately adjacent to the corner or downspout. If fascia boards are not vertical to the ground, you'll need to install wedge brackets, which work for roofs with slopes of three in 12 to six in 12.Lay the gutter into the hooks and joiners, and snap into place. Gutter ends should be snapped into place while on the ground.
  4. Estimate the length of gutter from the end to the joiner, allowing room for expansion and contraction. and mark the gutter with a pencil. Cut it with a fine-tooth hacksaw.
  5. Use two elbows and a short piece of downspout to offset it for attachment to the brackets mounted on the side of the house. Use two bracket straps and a show at the bottom of the downspout assembly for every 10 feet of downspout.

Make sure have a system set up carry away the water run-off.