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MDF Board HP UNF 1/4 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft.

Dateline Products

SKU: 138134

  • Cuts and routs cleanly
  • Decorative edge profiles and intricate contours deep in the core are also easily produced
  • This premium MDF can be painted, printed, stained, veneered or laminated with excellent results
  • Handy size to fit in a car
  • 1/4 in. (H) X 2 ft.(W) X 4 ft. (L
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MDF is valued for its defect-free composition and highly uniform density that allow it to cut, rout, shape and drill cleanly, holding intricate detail with a minimum of waste and tool wear. Panel for panel, it's hard to beat for material efficiency, machining performance and productivity. MDF also finishes beautifully and consistently. Its flat, smooth surface delivers exceptional results whether laminated, direct printed or painted. Sanded with a range of available grits, it performs well even with very thin overlays and dark paint colors. Dimensional stability is another important benefit. That means swelling and thickness variations are virtually eliminated when using this product. The precision craftsmen machine into their component parts during production will be maintained in the assembled product they produce. Fasteners will draw tight and end users will enjoy the accurate fit and clean appearance.
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