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Metric Hex Cap Screws (M6-1.00 Coarse Thread x 10mm Length) - (Assortment #102)


SKU: 959083

  • Diam/Gauge: M6
  • Length: 10mm
  • Size: M6-1.00 x 10mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Hex cap screws are designed to be used with washers and hex nuts to create sturdy fasteners with a secure seal
  • These hex cap screws are made of class 8.8 medium carbon steel
  • Included hex cap screws feature an M6-1.00 coarse screw thread size
  • Parts have a high resistance to corrosion
  • These metric hex cap screws feature M6-1.00 coarse thread and measure 10mm in length
  • Look in-store for assortment tray #102
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A Hillman assortment of class 8.8 metric hex cap screws with thread size M6-1.00. Hex cap screws, or hex bolts, are perfect for most applications in which a stronger, sturdier bolt is desired. A common feature on hex cap screws is a washer surface directly under the head which creates a better seal. The assortment features hex cap screws in variants featuring M6-1.00 coarse screw thread in lengths ranging 10mm thru 45mm. Full assortment contains seven (7) refills comprised of Hillman item numbers #1452 - #1458.
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