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RollerLite 1/2 in. 100% Natural Bristle Chip Brush


SKU: 498395

  • Natural Bristles
  • Ideal for projects requiring the use of chemicals or epoxies
  • Durability at a toss-away price
  • Holds up under liquids that melt average paint brushes
  • Ideal for cleaning solvents and reaching into small areas of machine or other parts
  • Use for touchups and outdoor painting onto rough surfaces
  • 1/2 inch brush

Unlike many standard paint brushes which use bristles that may melt when in contact with certain solvents we design Chip Brushes with natural China bristles that hold up to epoxy, glue, resin, stain, paint remover, cleaners, oils and more. Durable at a disposable price this chip brush features a wood handle for firm comfortable use and at a cost much lower than paint brushes; use it to apply sticky, nasty and harsh adhesives or even use it in a parts cleaner with solvent and when the project is complete, toss it out. 1/2 in. brush fits into smaller spaces and handles small projects with ease.

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